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Zelfer's trophy - atlantis sentinelPro trophy - primal ice

Get June's 🦈 Atlantis Sentinel or 🔷 Primal Ice by joining Zelfers or Pro league, following instructions. Win from €50 and up to €3000, get it right on your card each month!

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Proprimal iceleague

Feeling as influencer

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Win 3000 € monthly

Primal ice

June’s Pro item is 🔷 primal ice — scientists suppose that this ice cube is SCP-009's closest "relative". Experiments showed, that 🔷 can be extraterrestrial father of all ice on the Earth. Don't throw it to cola!

Invite 100 people in one day with your link to join Pro league and grab item of the month!

🏆 €3000 — zelf’s grandprix

Watch Antoine aka @filousophe joined pro league to fight for the grand-prix follow him on TikTok

Rank Name & Score Prize

Zelfer’s 🦈 league

Win 500 € monthly!

Invite 10 people to grab June's item and start the race!

Atlantis sentinel

In June you'll face 🦈 Atlantis sentinel - formidable warrior of the mysterious underwater city. Get him on your side and he will faithfully guard your trophies!

Invite 10 people to join Zelfer’s league and grab your item of the month!

🥇 €500 — for the 1’st place

🥈 €250 — for 2’nd place

🥉 €50 — if you reach top 20

Rank Name & Score Prize

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