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Zelfers trophy: Shiny LollipopPro trophy: Suspicious Glance

Get July's 🍭 Shiny Lollipop or 👀 Suspicious Glance by joining Zelfers or Pro league, following instructions. Win from €50 and up to €3000, get it right on your card each month!

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Pro 👀 league

Feeling as influencer

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Win 3000 € monthly

Suspicious Glance

👀 Suspicious Glance — Use it as a magical polygraph: detect the lie from the mile away even like wallhack. Don't test on your cat — you don't need to know its true feelings.

Invite 50 people in one day with your link to join Pro league and grab item of the month!

🏆 €3000 — zelf’s grandprix

🥈 €500 — for 2’nd place

🥉 €500 — for 3’d place

Watch Antoine aka @filousophe joined pro league to fight for the grand-prix follow him on TikTok

Rank Name & Score Prize

Zelfers 🍭 League

Win 500 € monthly!

Invite 10 people to grab June's item and start the race!

Shiny Lollipop

🍭 Shiny Lollipop - Put it on the highest point of your place and wait.. in a minute you'll see a herd of unicorns who love to pose for Instagram! Btw, it's possible that a flock of crows will appear earlier.

Invite 10 people to join Zelfer’s league and grab your item of the month!

🥇 €500 — for the 1’st place

🥈 €250 — for 2’nd place

🥉 €50 — if you reach top 20

Rank Name & Score Prize

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