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Pocket Money in messengers. Get a card for kids and parents in 30 sec
Get card

ZELF will give your child €20 in bonuses 💰

  • Mastercard
  • Treezor
Send allowance 💸
Fast and free as sending a message
  • 📥
    Top up child's card instantly
  • 💬
    No waiting time. No fees. No apps download

First card with
Apple Pay and
Google Pay

Set them up for offline and online purchases 🚀


Safe shopping
online & offline
  • 👛
    No access to online gambling, alcohol, cigar stores and services alike
  • 👀
    Two-factor authentication for extra security
  • 🔒
    Instant blockage of child card
  • 💸
    Check statement from child account
Our referral program
as your child's first business 😎

Your kid can earn spendable bonuses by inviting friends to ZELF.

Learn financial literacy with us 🤑

Earning money, spending, and saving is easier with ZELF under your supervision. You can watch your child's financial life and set limits.

Your kid's first digital money 🎮️ 🚕 🍔

Games, subscriptions, taxi, and food delivery is much easier to get with the card. Let them explore both online and offline.

Get €5 for you and your kid in 30 sec

Zelf card brings parents and kids in one messenger b*nk 🏦

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