Referral program

Every Zelfer is A winner

especially with this month’s special referral program

Are you ready to take your quest and get €20?

  1. +1€for joining Zelf
  2. +1€for adding Zelf card to your wallet
  3. +5€for a top up
  4. +3€for a purchase
  5. +10€for verification
Take a quest

And how can I start using bonuses?

You can refund them!

It's easy as 1 2 3:

  1. Have a sufficient bonus balance

    You can get more bonuses for Full setup 💚, Inviting 👫 your friends, and other activities!

  2. Make a purchase

    Min €5 from online or offline stores

    Like Amazon or Macdo

  3. Refund

    Just type the word «‎Refund»‎ or go to:

    1. 💸 Earnings
    2. 💰 Bonus refund
  4. Receive money on your Zelf account


    The purchase successfully refunded

    Your spendable bonus balance has become 💫 €36.9

Get a refund

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